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Mita Oyate is committed to sustaining the Lakota Way of Life by helping individuals understand the significance and meaning of the traditional cultural practices and teachings that are deeply embedded in the songs, dance and spoken word. 

The society is in honor of Warfield Moose, Sr. an esteemed Lakota educator who founded the original Mita Oyate in 1982 for the youth he mentored on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He was a man who believed that life was precious, saw the good in people and dedicated himself to continuing the teachings and traditions of the Lakota for generations to come. Warfield Sr.’s kind manner and steadfast commitment made him well-respected and beloved by his students, fellow teachers and the community at large.

In 1982, the Mita Oyate society was unique as one of the few places nurturing Lakota values and teachings. In 2013, Warfield’s son, Warfield Moose Jr., brought the society back to continue the work and the teachings his father began. 

Mita Oyate literally means “my people,” but its meaning and purpose centers around the gathering and sharing the wisdom of the relatives and teachers who went before us. As Warfield Sr. always said, “People change, but the ceremonies and songs have to stay the same to preserve this way of life.” 

Warfield Moose Sr

 Warfield Moose, Sr


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